In this area you can find details of the services I offer: therapy, perinatal psychology and clinical supervision.If you would like to discuss your query further please contact me by phone or email

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I practise from a psychodynamic perspective which has its roots in psychoanalysis, the founding approach to talking therapy. This means I am interested in helping people to be curious about themselves, to understand why they might think, feel or behave in certain ways which are often unconscious, and to understand where these patterns might come from. This involves you and I building up a trusting relationship that would enable you to bring anything (thoughts feelings, fantasies), however unusual or nonsensical, you want to talk about with me. Having another person’s mind available to help you think about things that maybe troubling is invaluable and necessary for psychological health. It can help you to make sense of things, to bear difficult feelings and give language to ideas that may have been largely unspoken. This is what I always aim to offer in my therapy sessions; a safe space in which difficult things can be heard and talked about.

Psychodynamic therapy can work well with a number of difficulties, such as feelings of anxiety, depression, loss, anger, envy, jealousy or feeling like you have no emotions at all, as well as issues in work or personal relationships. Ultimately, it concerns thinking about and asking questions of yourself and your mind. Thus, therapy is not a ‘repair shop’, nor can therapy provide you with a ‘cure’; rather it is an explorative process towards greater insight and understanding. I work in an open-ended way so I do not believe in setting a number of sessions for therapy. The work takes as long as you want it to.

Perinatal Psychology

I have a strong interest in working therapeutically with individuals, couples and groups on issues concerning pregnancy and parenthood, and the impact this can have on your life and wellbeing. Pregnancy and parenthood can be wonderful; they can also be challenging, painful, even frightening. They can give rise to unexpected and very difficult feelings which can have a serious impact on your psychological health and relationships around you, most significantly the relationship between you and your baby. Thought is given primarily to mothers when it comes to pregnancy, parenthood and wellbeing which is not always helpful as anyone within the mother’s family or social network can experience difficulty during this time. Below is a list of issues that I may be able to help with:
• You (and / or your partner) want to think about whether or not you want children
• Antenatal depression or anxiety
• Difficult or upsetting feelings you might be having while you are or your partner is pregnant
• Fear of giving birth (tokophobia) or being at the birth
• Having a traumatic birth
• Issues around the transition to mother/parenthood e.g. feeling like you are having an identity crisis, not recognising yourself or adapting to having a baby
• Postnatal depression or anxiety
• Difficulty bonding with your baby
• General postnatal care and support (NEST accredited) for new parents

This is not an exhaustive list so if you are at a point in your life where you are thinking about having children or not, you are or your partner is pregnant, or you are in the first postnatal year, and you are experiencing difficulties within any of these phases, I would like to try and help you so please get in touch.

Clinical Supervision

I am available to offer clinical supervision to both trainee and qualified psychologists/therapists. My approach is psychoanalytic / dynamic and my supervisory work is informed by both classical and contemporary theory. I believe that this can be of value to a practitioner’s development of practice regardless of the therapeutic model that is being used. Please contact me to discuss my fees for supervision.