to motherhood group

Monday 16th March
10:00 - 11:30
Location: Hervines Park Pavilion, Amersham HP6 5HU

Have you experienced feelings, thoughts or changes to yourself that you don't recognise since becoming a mother? Would you like a space to talk about these changes and understand why they are happening?

The transition to motherhood is a time of highly charged and mixed emotions owing to sleep deprivation and the surge in hormones as your body prepares to care for your baby. For some, it might feel like you oscillate between feelings of calm and balance to sudden tearfulness, anxiety, irritation, anger or the like; for others it might feel like you are in a constant fog of emotions that are distressing and difficult to talk about. Sometimes this can be mistaken for or misdiagnosed even as Postnatal Depression (PND) when it might actually be the normality of what has been referred to as ‘matrescence’ –the transition to parenthood. Evidence shows that a woman’s brain undergoes physical changes when she becomes pregnant and gives birth, and it is these changes that can contribute to the emotional flux she experiences. Without understanding that this is normal, mothers can worry that there is something wrong with them which not only affects their sense of self, but crucially their bond with their baby.

This supportive, psychoeducation group is open to expectant mothers, and mothers in the first postnatal year who wish to know more about the psychological changes during the transition to motherhood, and how to cope with them

Tea and cake will be in abundance!

£12 per person. To book a place, or if you have any further questions, please email:

Places limited to 15 people (babies welcome)